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Save energy. Check your installations with the InfraCAM™, and avoid major electrical problems

InfraCAM – ergonomic, light weight (550g) and very easy to handle and to operate.
The InfraCAM is controlled by only four buttons and a joystick, allowing the user to produce his first thermal images within minutes. In addition, the InfraCAM has a built-in Laser LocatIR to enable the operator to associate a hot pot in the infrared image with the real physical target, easily and safely. This enhances user safety by eliminating the tendency to ‘finger point’ at problems in electrical environments. Dust- and water splash proof (IP 54 standard), the camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A long-life battery ensures more tan 7 hours of uninterrupted inspection.

he InfraCAM stores 50 infrared images in its internal memory. Images can easily be downloaded to a PC and inserted directly into standard Windows program such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The InfraCAM packages included the ThermaCAM Quick View software which allows for basic post-analysis of the captured IR images and the creation of simple reports in PDF format.

Avoid fires - A small electrical problem can have far reaching consequences. If left unchecked connections start to melt or sparks may fly around setting the environment on fire. Thanks to the InfraCAM you can see potential problem areas on a thermal image so that fires can be avoided.

Inspect your electrical installations rapidly - The InfraCAM is the perfect tool to find hidden electrical problems instantly. Inspect your electrical installations, repair them immediately if necessary and check afterwards whether the problem is solved. Verify if external contractors have done a proper job. Scan installations quickly before they are put into operation. You will see it all on the InfraCAM’s 3.5” LCD display.

nfraCAM – Building industry. The growing concern over waste of energy and unhealthy environments in commercial and residential buildings is creating a demand for affordable non-destructive, non-contact analysis tools that can quickly diagnose problems.

Infrared Thermography is such a tool. Infrared cameras evaluate insulation failures which lead to heat losses and waste of energy. They are able to detect moisture in building structures which are likely to provoke mold build-up. They locate and visualize leaks in roofs, under floor heating systems, as well as in under ground pipes. This way they can help minimize repair work. In addition, thermal imaging delivers diagnostic evidence for a wide range of applications from building restoration planning to insurance claims.

FLIR Systems’ new InfraCAM, a handheld thermal imaging camera, enables non-destructive and contact less temperature measurements and its particularly suited for building industry applications. The InfraCAM’s uncooled focal plane array of 20 x 120 pixels provides a good quality thermal image which is displayed on the camera’s large and bright 3.5” LCD display. A choice of colour palettes is available. The InfraCAM has a fixed measurement spot in the middle of the image and comes with a fixed lens which suits the majority of applications. The camera measures temperature from -10 up to +350 degrees Celsius and detects temperature differences as small as 0.20 degrees Celsius.

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