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Thermal Visions is run by Hywel Williams who has a degree level qualification in Marine & Electrical engineering with over 20 years experience in the industry. Hywel is also qualified as a level 2 thermographer through the ITC (International Training Centre).

Thermal Visions offers a simple and inexpensive way to reduce production downtime, increase plant reliability, effectively plan shutdown maintenance periods, increase employee safety and reduce costs.

Thermographic surveys are a reliable, unobtrusive and effective way of detecting problem areas within mechanical and electrical systems. Surveys are carried out whilst the equipment is running under normal working conditions, thereby further reducing downtime.

A survey report, including thermal and optical images as well as graphical representation of the ‘hot spot’ anomaly is supplied with a ‘probable cause’ explanation; allowing your maintenance team to take immediate remedial action or procure any spares required and plan ahead for a short and effective maintenance period.



FLIR IR Camera


Surge oil tank showing a build up of
sand /sludge in the bottom

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