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• Increase the safety for you and your employees by reducing the chance of being exposed to faulty electrical equipment. Reduce the chances of having an electrical fire and therefore preventing total or partial loss to life and or property by finding hot spot anomalies before they develop into a potentially serious fire or personnel hazard.

• Improve production time and save costs by being able to better plan more efficient and shorter maintenance periods ( i.e. plan for remedial work with less time spent checking connections are tight or doing other unnecessary work ) thereby reducing the chance of unexpected downtime due to equipment failure.

• Further reduce costs by being able to remedy faults before complete failure occurs. In the case of an electric motor, an unbalanced load due to poor connections at the main isolator can result in the failure of the motor as well as the piece of equipment causing the fault; this includes all equipment upstream of the fault

• Spare parts can be procured in ample time before a shut down period, avoiding the cost of having to courier spare parts in at short notice or from having to pay premium prices for spares that can be bought cheaper direct from supplier or elsewhere.

• Possibly reduce insurance costs by furnishing a detailed survey report to your insurance company showing that regular electrical and mechanical, thermograph surveys are carried out. Inquiries need to be made with individual insurance companies.

• Thermographic surveys can show inefficiencies in insulated structures, be it either a hot, lagged steam pipe or a cold storage unit. Reduce electrical heating or air conditioning bills by ensuring your workplace is properly insulated.

• Check the condition of refractory in boilers or kilns. Heat loss should be minimal and uniform, worn or damaged refractory is far less efficient and could be costing you in both extra heating bills and reduced production.

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